Press Release: New Power! HIETC International Business Dept.Has Actively Promoted Multiple Cooperation Projects with South America Customers
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Recently, the Brazilian government has strongly supported the renewable energy industry and actively promoted the development of the new energy industry through tax relief and preferential policies on project financing interest. The Brazilian government plans to build more than 8GW of new solar energy  projects in the next 10 years. With the support and recognition of national policies for the Brazilian solar energy  industry, It's a powerful point for our Hubei Economic Cooperation International Business to enter the Brazilian solar energy market. Brazil owns sufficient sunshine  and abundant solar energy resources throughout the year. It is an ideal country for building Solar photovoltaic power station . The Brazilian energy research institute EPE predicts that by 2022, the installation of rooftop photovoltaic power generation systems in Brazil will reach 1.4GW. At the same time, Brazil plans to increase its installed photovoltaic power generation capacity to 7GW by 2024, accounting for about 3.3% of the total power generation; by 2050, this proportion will reach 18%.

Although the impact of the  epidemic this year has forced the photovoltaic import and export business to face a difficult stalemate, with the technological innovation of the domestic photovoltaic industry, the cost of raw material production has further reduced. The demand for the foreign photovoltaic energy industry has surged since June.The global photovoltaic industry is ushered in the new development momentum is full of vitality. Relying on the powerful platform ,our company has seized the opportunity of the Brazilian government’s preferential policies for the new energy industry, combined with the department’s rich Brazilian customer resources .Our company  has now cooperated with Brazilian local large electrical equipment companies, large photovoltaic distributors, developers, EPC and others have signed a cooperation agreement. We have exported photovoltaic module products to Autopoli Industria E Comercio De Auto Pecas Ltda, a large electrical energy company in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and follow-up orders are also steadily advancing. The high-quality service has been well received by customers. Combining past customer resources such as the company’s government, chambers of commerce, exhibitions, etc., our department is vigorously promoting new energy products such as photovoltaic modules, inverters, controllers, photovoltaic raw materials, photovoltaic production line equipment, etc. At the same time, this department is also engaged in medical materials, building materials, wood .A willingness to cooperate has been reached in the import and export business of agricultural products.The orders are being gradually implemented.

The  International Business Department will continue to actively explore the South American market represented by Brazil, adjust and strengthen the product strategy and marketing strategy in the South American market, seize opportunities in a timely manner, overcome difficulties, promote the energy industry to go global and external circulation.