Director Fu Limin Inspected the Work Safety of HICC Projects under Construction
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On the afternoon of June 16, Fu Limin, secretary and director of the SASAC Party committee of the provincial government, Qian Yinzhi, member of the Party committee and deputy director of the SASAC, and his party went to Hubei Industrial Construction Building project and WISCO No.3 middle school project to inspect the work safety. Hu Dan, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of HICC, accompanied the investigation and inspection.

After hearing the reports from Hubei Industrial Construction Building project and WISCO No.3 middle school project, Fu Limin and his party carefully checked the implementation of safety production responsibility system and safety operation, and inquired about the progress of project construction and safety production management in detail.

Fu Limin affirmed the HICC's implementation of the spirit of the important instructions made by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on the "6.13" accident and timely deployment of relevant work safety guarantee work. He stressed that HICC should further strengthen the concept of safety development, do a solid job in all aspects of production safety, and ensure a stable and orderly production safety. Besides, he put forward three requirements. Firstly, we should improve the ideological understanding, reasonably arrange the construction process, comprehensively carry out the special inspection of safety production, prevent and resolve the safety risks, ensure the stable and orderly safety production, and ensure the project quality and high-quality performance;Secondly, we should strengthen the safety responsibility, strictly implement the leadership system, earnestly fulfill the safety responsibility, strengthen the bottom line thinking and red line consciousness, and firmly grasp all kinds of work in safety production, so as to strictly prevent all kinds of safety accidents;Thirdly, we should pay close attention to emergency management, do a good job in extreme weather prevention, establish a sound emergency mechanism, pay real-time attention to the relevant risk tips and all kinds of early warning information issued by the government, plan and deploy in advance, and avoid losses caused by management negligence.

Xu Hong, member of the Party committee, deputy general manager and chief engineer of HICC, and responsible comrades of the production technology center and international engineering company accompanied the inspection.