The Jingzhou Airport Awarded “Gold Award of China’s Construction Engineering Steel Structure”
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Recently, China Construction Metal Structure Association(CCMSA) announced the second batch of winners of the “14th Gold Award of China’s Construction Engineering Steel Structure”, The Newly Built Jingzhou Airport project, which was contracted by HICC, won this award.



“Gold Award of China’s Construction Engineering Steel Structure” is the highest honor in terms of project quality in China's construction steel structure industry. It is organized by CCMSA and aimed to award those Chinese enterprises engaged in fabrication and installation of steel structure due to their projects with quality reaching the domestic leading level. As a key livelihood project that has received extensive attention from the public, the terminal building of Jingzhou Airport has a total construction area of 13,751 square meters with two floors above ground and no basement. The total building height is 22 meters (the average height from the lowest point to the highest point of the roof cornice), and the main structural plane is about 190 meters in length and 63 meters in width. It is a partially two-storey large spatial structure.


There are five major difficulties during its construction, the first is that the construction method is influenced and limited by its spatially special-shaped truss roof structure; the second is the complex joints and large amounts of welding work; the third is the long overhang length and the difficulty in hoisting; the fourth is a big difficulty in construction of this unique hyperbolic lotus shape; and the last is the big workload in honeycomb panel construction of cornice.



荆州5.jpg 荆州4.jpg


The overall shape of the terminal building resembles a six-petal flower shape and a lotus concealed in the water making it difficult to construct. Based on the particularity and actual circumstances of this building, three-dimensional rhinoceros modeling was used by the project team to cutting materials. All parts were repeatedly simulated by the technical model, and finally 4,271 structural parts were output according to the rhino model, none of which were the same. In addition, the honeycomb panels of the cornice are hyperbolic, and there are 3,163 honeycomb panels in total. In order to prevent the size of the exterior decoration surface from being changed due to the installation error of the steel structure, the whole process was measured by a total station to determine the three-dimensional control points and surfaces of the skin decoration surface. The whole process of honeycomb panel installation used ladder trucks for day and night operations to complete the construction with quality and quantity. Every detail of the project, which has been carefully "polished" by all the project personnel, shows the spirit of craftsman and beauty of the building, and every prize represents the recognition to the quality of this project.



The project started on October 8, 2018, and officially opened on January 30, 2021. It becomes China’s first civil airport during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.