Inheriting the "102 spirits" and constructing spiritual heights
——on the occasion of the publication of "three line construction and 102 volumes"
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The spirit of the Long March, the spirit of the three lines and the spirit of Daqing...... As a builder of the Republic, we must also remember a spirit - the 102 spirit".

The construction of the three line of Shiyan in the main army of the Ministry of construction of 102 project headquarters, to prepare military operation, undertake on 60s and 70s and Shiyan new century basic construction tasks, Shiyan municipal CPPCC "compilation and publication of the three line construction, the 102 volume" of the year forty thousand, is the 102 most cordial memories of steam construction of the most beautiful memory. The "102 spirit" is the "hard pioneer, solidarity and cooperation, overcome difficulties, the great spirit of dedication.

Three line construction is the last century during the cold war in 60s the Central Committee of the party according to the judgment of international situation, make a Readiness Center for economic development strategy in the coastal areas for the first time, the central region for the second tier, the Midwest thirteen provinces and autonomous regions for the three line, three line construction is the construction of Western China a strategic rear area with a certain scale. In that burning passion, from all over the country builders, response the call of the party and country, filled with patriotic enthusiasm, or give up city life, or to his native people, rushed to the three line construction of travel over land and water, deep valleys, desert wilderness.

In Shiyan, the barren mountain farmers is scarce, in extremely harsh natural environment and working conditions, the construction of Inner Mongolia, tens of thousands of troops from the north, northeast, southwest to northwest Hubei mountains, established the National Committee 102 project headquarters, "102" this name became the symbol of the construction of new hero known to every family. The construction of the army, through the baptism of the war as the main architect, is the Republic of China first construction engineering elite craftsman, they put the battlefield in the mountains of Shiyan, through, to build roads and bridges, construction of the plant, with a strong will have difficulties, completed the industrial and civil buildings of 3 million 450 thousand square meters, "three line construction, volume 102" records of the year 102 years of struggle and the people capable of evoking praises and tears touching memories, they closed the desolate valley in the mountains of weir, built dozens of professional auto factories and many supporting projects, build a world-renowned city "".

The gas engineering construction laid the immortal historical meritorious service for the national automobile industry, it is creating enormous material wealth, but also create a valuable spiritual wealth, which is famous for nearly half a century of "102" spirit: unity, hard pioneer, overcome difficulties, selfless dedication, depicts the 102 year hard pioneer. Through the years, full of pride:

Live in adobe, sleeping mat grass, rain when sweating, when wind fan, when the rainy day, dark day, revolution and hard, and hard to build up tired factory, take bridge up and take the road repaired; Northeast Dialect and Beijing dialect, Inner Mongolia dialect and Hebei dialect, Jiangsu dialect, Hubei dialect. Everyone shouted the same chant, side by side, hand in hand, carrying equipment on the hill; offer a youth to life, and dedicated their descendants...... Spirit of this spirit, this does not make people moved and sentimental?

To inherit and carry forward the spirit of "102 spirits" is to explore the historical connotation of corporate culture and build a spiritual plateau to move forward. Today, the Hubei construction, has a great mission to catch up with the development, transformation and development, carrying a new generation of 102 people for revival of the grand ideal, also need to "the great spirit of unity and cooperation, hard pioneer, overcome difficulties and selfless dedication"!

The red gene inheritance "102 spirit", the historical spirit and the era of enterprise mission together, from the new employee to speak, into the spirit of enterprise culture construction, inspire a new generation of 102 passion again entrepreneurship, innovation, dedication to play, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, Hubei construction will re innovation brilliant.

In December 26, 2016, the "three line construction and 102 volumes" was completed and started to be printed and will be published soon.