"Wolong ancient town project" started, the ceremony was held ceremoniously
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In June 8th, the ancient town project in Wolong was grandly launched at the scene of the project. Wu Xinmin, director of the key project of the provincial government office, the municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Hu Heping, Secretary of CPC Xiangcheng Committee Deng Zhuohai, Xiangcheng District People's government with Zhu Qinglin, Yuan group president Li Zeqian, Hubei construction group contract firms general manager Yang Xiangdong and directly under the relevant units responsible person, Xiangcheng district four district leadership, responsible for the relevant units people around the cultural tourism enterprises on behalf of 4A, the area responsible for the large travel agency, responsible for a total of more than 200 people attended the groundbreaking ceremony.


The president, with the Group Chairman Mr. Li Zeqian of Wolong town project, with the representatives of groups, the ancient town of Xiangyang cultural tourism development limited company all staff to express our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests! Comrades who have worked hard for the project to go ahead smoothly offer heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings.

President Li Zeqian speech pointed out: Xiangyang town will be full of confidence, effort, carefully organized, careful construction, careful operation, the "Wolong town" project into a city of Xiangyang historical memory for the name card, leave this beautiful city of Xiangyang.

Subsequently, Wu Xinmin, director of key project office of the provincial government, the municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Hu Heping speech, have expressed strong support for Wolong town construction work, but also hope that the same group, their ambitions, in this piece of land for investment in Xiangyang realize the ambition, create more brilliant achievements, create a better future.

After the speech, Li president and director Wu, Hu Chang and other leaders together, press the starting ball.


"Wolong town" project is located in the Chinese historical and cultural city, Wolong town of Xiangcheng District of Xiangyang City, adjacent to Longzhong Scenic Area, is the provincial and municipal key cultural projects, has been selected for the national tourism project preferred. The project covers an area of 2000 acres, with a core area of 1200 acres and a floor area of 460 thousand square meters, with a total investment of about 6 billion 500 million yuan. The project concept is based on the Chu culture as the background, to the culture as the main line, to the Hanjiang River culture as a link to the North-South intersection of Jingchu architectural culture as a platform to show the unique charm of the ancient city of Xiangyang, the project has a residential, commercial, political and ritual four elements, the completion of the project after three years of operation, the estimated annual 8 million tourists, tourists will become important in Xiangyang and West Hubei eco cultural tourism circle in the center and two tourist consumption places.


The ancient town of Wolong will be built in the apartment layout is also distinctive, the courtyard, courtyard apartment layout has simple atmosphere, is worthy of the name of an ancient town, you can enjoy the real life through here.