Invest $40 billion in 5 years! Tongcheng plans to build mobile phone characteristic town
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August 4 in the afternoon, county people's government and HICC formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in wuhan, marked the first central China set "intelligent manufacturing, green living, ecological tourism" as one of the mobile phone town construction will enter a substantial stage.


County party secretary xiong yaping, county party committee deputy secretary, county chief liu Ming lamp and county leadership Chen xinri, xu wang, xiang xiaobin, hubei construction group chairman liu guanghui attended the signing ceremony. In the signing ceremony, the deputy secretary of the county committee and the county chief liu Ming lamp signed the strategic cooperation agreement with hubei construction group.

       At the symposium, HICC introduced the concept planning scheme of tongcheng mobile phone town, and the two sides communicated and communicated the relevant details.


      In order to further polish the brand and create the regional mobile phone industry platform, our county decided to set out to build a mobile phone featured town. Plan to work with hubei industrial construction group to build a mobile phone town in tongcheng for five years, with a preliminary investment of 10 billion yuan and total investment of 40 billion yuan in the future.